2015 Extra edge

Following the great myFilm myStory previous years contest’s success where we witnessed the amazing talent that was within students in different schools, we have decided to take the competition to a more advanced level by providing an extra edge to participants showing potential to allow them to further develop in their knowledge within the industry.
Thus, we are introducing a new level of the competition:

1- The intermediate level is aimed at those ones who showed both talent and commitment in the basic level. Now they can have a chance to step into a more serious part of the industry where they can learn more, be more professional, and make a difference through film-making.

2- The basic level is still on as we are still hunting for more talent.
3- One day film making event is also in process ( we will keep you updated ).

Join us and discover your talent even if you have never touched a camera in your life but have the passion and desire to be a film-maker.

Do not forget to submit your film for your chance to win great prizes!!!

2015 advanced support for participants

We were very pleased with the passion and devotion those students were showed while trying to have an impact in their country using their strengths within the media industry. Some of the films we have received have exceeded our expectations, considering the students have had minimal to no experience within the field!

We have decided to help those students further by offering them a more advanced competition entering level where they will be judged on a higher level of production. 

Because of this change, we will proceed to offer 20-hours of professional help in the advanced level of the competition to ensure students acquire more knowledge within this area of work.

The support will expand students’ knowledge and improve their skills if they decide to pursue a career in the media industry. 

The main points of interest of the intermediate level of the competition will consist of the following main focuses: 
  • Review of camera and equipment
  • Advanced creative use of cameras, lighting, audio and sound
  • Directing
  • Interviewing contents and techniques
  • Editing outlines.

Our goal is to help you develop a hands-on approach that will allow you to apply the new skills you learn, so you can reach your full potential.