Future development in the coming years

Following the success of this competition, which we are sure will occur, we plan on developing future opportunities for students that will focus on the various elements of film making depending on the levels of the film we see this year.

In future years, where different levels of entering the competition will be provided to films with higher production values, we are planning on providing some students who show exceptional talent and profound interest with one-on-one mentoring to advance them in their futures involving filmmaking. 

The opportunity provided will involve one-on-one mentoring for students by world-class leaders in the areas of editing, directing, script writing, and acting. The mentors will graciously offer 5-10 hours of their valuable time to ensure students gain the maximum benefit from their experiments in filmmaking.

We are also hoping that the added benefit will intensify the impact of the competition and allow them to venture out in the future to explore all their options within the filmmaking industry. 

So come and join us for you chance to participate in this great event!!